FJ Bistro & Deli

FJ Bistro & Deli is the best example of a restaurant where you can just drop all you luggage and feel like at home. Revel in the green scenery and the relaxing ambiance while enjoying your favourite comfort food made of first-class ingredients. You can also explore the Fj’L Building where the Bistro is located to shop in tranquillity.

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FJ on 7

FJ on 7 offers you a fun rooftop bar in Kemang, Colony building, with DJ’s from all across the world. Immerse yourself in good food and the sensation of being in the middle of greenery on top of a building, away from the busy life down there.

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FJ Grill

The owner would like to share his adventure in Europe by bringing you this heart-warming restaurant with a green outdoor terrace and many kinds of food from all around the globe. Located in Kemang Village, FJ Grill chose a corner away from the buzzing crowd.

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FJ Rotisserie

A smaller version of FJ Bistro you can find in Dharmawangsa Square. We provide you with the finest Indonesian food, still with our healthier cooking concept. We also offer to personalize your food for your diet programs or allergies with precision.

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FJ Patisserie

Fresh pastries every single day is our middle name and pastries you don’t have to feel guilty eating is our aim. We provide you delicious, healthy pastries low in sugar. We could also take up on your requests for any kind of bread, cake, or dessert.

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Fj’L Home

Your favorite hangout place in Kemang where you can sit back and relax while enjoying the most relaxing ambience in each outlet and the great food we offer. If you care to shop and eat with ease and no fuss, kindly visit Fj’L Building where you can get all high-end fashion goods you need, the great food to sate your cravings, and the tranquillity you can’t get anywhere else in Jakarta.

Fj’L Boutique

The best high-end luxurious fashion pieces from International brands and Indonesian sources.

Fj’L Surplus

Don't worry if you missed our previous fashion collection. Find it at Fj’L Surplus on sales.